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J&M TECH have an exclusive agreement with KENNE BELL SUPERCHARGERS located in US California, where J&M TECH take part in development of supercharger kits. J&M TECH is exclusive distributor for KENNE BELL supercharger systems worldwide, (exept USA). For more information about KENNE BELL superchargers

J&M TECH have a well-equipped workshop for drilling, milling, turning and grinding. If needed the Superchargers can be “customized” when it comes to air inlet and outlet, drive extensions as well as type of drive, by-pass valve, intercooler etc.


J&M TECH cooperates with a company which develops and supplies engine management systems and the “Boost Commander” that works together with the stock management system. The “Boost Commander” makes it possible to control fuel and ignition during boost. Often necessary when an engine is equipped with a Supercharger.



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Installation of a compressor system on a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, HPS 3.6 1000 Hkr